The techpods have landed!

So, I received the shipment of techpods. The family and a few friends helped me unload it.100MEDIA_IMAG0224
We were able to unload it in just 45 minutes we were extremely careful and did not drop one.
We just fit them all in my garage.

Techpods are in stock and I will begin shipping them soon. If you supported the kickstarter campaign you should be getting them in 1 to 2 weeks. if you order now, they with ship in 2 weeks.
Thanks for the support everyone.

Proposal to merge XFLR5 and PX4

Hey everyone!
have not found a place where the fixed-wing control for the PX4 is being done so I started this blog.
This is a Screen shot from XFLR5. I use it to mathematically model the physical form of an airplane. I can then take this description of said plane and then start modeling the flow of air over the surfaces described is the model. You can then send modeled air at it in different angles and at different viscosity. In other words different pitches and yaws as well as different air densities or altitudes.
I use it all the time to make U.A.Vs. I think it should be integrated into the PX4 so that we can start introducing into the mathematical models of the control algorithms, a model of the crafts interaction with its environment (air). Thus achieving a much more complete mathematical description of the system.
This can be implemented by modeling the aicraft in XFLR5 then taking the results and generating LUTs of the predicted air/air-frame interactions. just one example of this would be to use the generated full airplane polar graphs to predict what AOA at a given speed and air density, should produce level flight or even produce a desired vertical acceleration (climb or dive). This would greatly reduce the dependence on the PID loop to achieve a given altitude, making the system much more stable at a greater range of the aircrafts flight envelope.
This can also be applied to different control loops as well. yaw and roll control. It can also be applied to every control surface as well. XFLR5 can generate tables of inertial moment data as well giving you a Cm polar. this can be calculated for various control surface angles. You can then take the aerodynamic Cm data and combine it with a physical inertial model to do a full stability analysis. The output of the Cm and the inertial model data can then be feed in to the control loops to achieve desired rotational accelerations instead of purely relying on the PID loop. Giving the control loops a much wider dynamic range that is possible with just a PID loop.

high alfa


Northwest Model Hobby Expo

Hey Everyone,

Wayne and his gang is down at the Northwest Model Hobby Expo. If you have are in Washington State, near the Evergreen State Fairgrounds, come drop in and check out the Techpod for yourself. Click here to find out more about The Northwest Model Hobby Expo.

I can’t post a lot of pictures at the m at the moment. Apparently there is technical problems with WiFi for Wayne and his gang, but he did send me a photo via SMS, which makes laugh just a little bit.

Northwest Model Hobby Expo

techpod build blog

Hey everyone good news. techpods are going to start shipping after the 21st of February!

here are some shots of my latest build. Has 10,000 mah of 6s lipo, an APM 2.5,and minim OSD. Going for a 3.4 hour flight.





techpod coming to Europe

Hello, to all my supporters and friends in Europe! I just wanted to make a quick announcement letting everyone know that you can order techpods from RCTech in Sweden. They will be distributing 3DRobotics autopilots and equipment as well.



Delay!… ugh

So everyone, unfortunately I received an email from my contact at world models.

”  The production would be completed and ready to ship by early March. It is longer than expected as our factory will be closed for three weeks starting from early February for the Chinese New Year holidays. Also, the carbon tubes (fuselage) will take about 20 days to order from our supplier and we need some time to work on the tubes when we get them. “

This means I am going to have to push the shipping date back to around March 15th – 22nd after a 2-3 weeks for shipping from china. Sorry everyone! I was hopping this would not happen but manufacturing  delays for new products seems to be unavoidable.

The good news is the production sample is going together very well. The foam parts are perfect and the fit is very good. I am fitting a new motor from Foxtechfpv which can take 6 cell lipos and spin a 12 x 8 prop. I also have some new lipos on order.

The new wings are together and they are 12 oz lighter than the wings of the prototype. That means the production units will be about 1lbs lighter than the prototype, as predicted. With the new lipos and motor the numbers point to about a 3 hr 20 min flight I have been taking lots of pictures and will be posting a build blog after the lipos come in and it is fully assembled.

Thanks everyone for you support and patiance


Techpod coming to Australia

I am happy to announce we have a distributor in Australia. Please contact for ordering info.


The guys at will have a proper store front up by next week.

Thanks to all my friends and supporters from down under!


techpod fit


Techpod Production sample arrives and closeups of the parts

Here is a gallery of  many of the parts that will come with your Techpod kit

production sample on the way!

Hey guys Check out the picture the factory just send me. They are going to send it to me for approval ASAP.

So if all goes well, they will be done manufacturing the batch in about 3-4 weeks.Then they will be shipped to the US for distribution to all my wonderful supporters. I should have them about the second week of February. Go to to pre-oreders yours today.


Here is what it looks like put together.