Techpod maiden voyage


10:00 am

I wake up get some coffee have some eats and go down to the garage . check the batteries , double check CG and control surfaces . go over everything one last time .

11:30 am

got the car packed and head off to get my friends Ken and Greg . the plan is to have Greg launch and ken video while I fly .


12:30 pm

arrive at the field . It was sunny with clouds and a 5-10 mph wind coming from ssw . I plugged the wings in , did a range check , everything looked good . me and greg walked to the east side of the runway and we launched it . It climbed quickly without any dip . a quick wiggle  of the ailerons to check responsiveness and  i climbed to ~ 100 ft and cut the throttle a bit . I turned the upwind leg of the pattern . the nose dipped a bit when it transitioned to a tail wind situation . I added throttle and it quickly recovered . defiantly nose heavy but i did that on purpose to help stability. got it through the downwind tun and checked for trim at about a 30mph cruise . It was dead on . no trim needed . I completed a few more laps and brought her in for a landing . I came in low over the east end of the runway with ~1/4 throttle i cut the throttle as it came over the runway . I let it settle in for a nice smooth belly landing . WOOT WOOT !!



here are the videos ken got for me on his phone .



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