Parts identification

wood parts ID 1. Rear brace                        20. Quick nuts

2. Motor mount                   21. Wood screws #6

3. Rear bulkhead                  22. Brass tubes

4. Forward bulkhead          23. Nylon bolts

5. Rear spar box                 24. Nylon washers

6. top/bottom spar box   25. Rudder push rod

7. hood tabs                          26. Padding

8. nylon screw capture       27. Bay window

9. Tilt mounts                         28. Velcro straps

10.  Tilt servo side left          29. Silicon tubes

mtl plastic parts ID

11. Tilt servo side right        30. metal washer

12. camera mount                    31. T-nut

13. pan mount                               32. Wing screw

14. pan/tilt plate                         33. screw (not needed)

15. Vertical camera plate         34. Elevator push rod

16. Plate tabs                                 35. Aileron/flap push rods

17. Bay sides                                    36. Push rod keeper

18. Bay hing                                      37. control horns

19. Fiberglass                                  38. clevises

39. Spar end tube

dome-lam ID

40. Dome

41. Covering

42. Spars

43. Tail boom

44. Spar joiner

45. short tail rod

46. Tail rods




carbon ID

Fosm ID

A.  Right wing

B. Left wing

C. Left spar cap

D. Right spar cap

E. rear fuse trim pieces

F. Vertical stabilizer

G. Left fuse

H. Right fuse

I. Horizontal Stabilizer

J. Hood

K. Servo cover

6 thoughts on “Parts identification

  1. Why did you make the decision to have the glue-in part of the wing on the bottom. wouldn’t it be better oh the top, then the wing itself would be subject to the lift force and not the glue?

    Thanks in Advance

  2. Could you please make a photo of the other wood parts assambled? I don’t get the point, how to assamble the pan/tilt.

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