Kickstarter Hobby UAV Was A Success!


Kickstarter and DIY Drones was Good For Me

The good news is that Hobby UAV can start selling Airplanes now. Hurray!

I was so emotionally and physically spent after a solid month of putting myself out there. When the Techpod went Successful on Kickstarter I was just exhausted and the first thing I had to do was take a nap. Thirty days is so much longer when putting your future on the line.

It was really exciting to see the community from DIY Drones showing me so much support. I designed this airplane not just from my own experiences, but from the experiences and cravings of a whole community. Manufacturers just didn’t want to put any money into making a design that makes sense for the true hobbyist and enthusiasts. Thank you so much for all your support.

Up Next …

The molds are going to be tooled starting in about another week (when the funds will be available)and 500 techpods are on their way 100 days after that. I want to promise everyone who supported the Techpod that I can ship them by Christmas, but it is still too early to know if I can get all those airplanes here and shipped out in time for the holidays.

Expect Your Techpod in January 2013.

Going on the Road

There is a variety of events taking place in the hobby airplane modelling world. Some of these events I plan to attend and let people see the Techpod for themselves. I am not sure which events yets, but check back here and we should be posting the agenda soon.

Pre Order Sales are Available in the USA

Now that the ball is rolling, there is a limitted supply of Techpod UAVs available for pre order purchase here.



14 thoughts on “Kickstarter Hobby UAV Was A Success!

  1. Congratulations on the Kickstarter. You have an awesome project.

    I just returned from a back packing trip in the wilderness and missed the $750 Kickstarter option. Is there a way to still get that?



  2. Hey! This looks amazing! Just what i was waiting for.

    How far do you think it can fly?

    For a research project, i need a plane with a range of 240 km (120 each trip) at 500 meters altitude and being able to to program up to 10 waypoints.

    For another project, i need a range of 170 km (85 each trip) but at an altitude of 2700 meters, and also 10 waypoints.

    Is that possible?

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Juan,
      the techpod may be able to travel the 240 km. Further testing and power system modifications will be nessicary. Check back for the latest test flighty videos.

      Bird man,
      Thanks alot will have more news soon.

  3. Nice job on the kickstarted project! I missed it, but am interested. You posted a video of a two hour flight… What battery/motor/prop did you use for that flight and at what cruise speed? I would likely set mine up the same way

      1. Wayne,

        Thanks for the reply. I have two 5000mAH 4S packs that I would like to use and am wondering how/if they will fit. Do you have any pictures of the fuselage with large packs installed? Or interior dimensions of the space? Thanks!

        I’m also wondering if CG will be an issue. Both packs together are 1.1 kg


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