Techpod UAV Kit


techpod midflight left side


Techpod UAV Kit

Cruise Speed: 32knots

Climb Rate – 2000 ft/min

Wingspan = 105 in

Wing area = 605 sq in

Wing loading = 1.191 lbs per sq ft @ 5 lbs

Fuselage Length = 45 in

Dry weight = 2.75 lbs*

loaded weight =5.0lbs (2.25 lbs of battery/payload)

EPO Wings, Tail and fusalage Construction

Carbon Fiber Tail Boom , wing spars and tail support

flight times well in excess of 1 hour

assembly time 30 hours

By Wayne Garris

10 thoughts on “Techpod UAV Kit

  1. Tell me about the FPV activity. I assume it is associated with the about Techpod? I might be interested in working with you guys. I picked up your card from the SCCMAS flying field near San Jose, CA this morning.


    1. Kip ,
      the techpod was designed as a versatile platform for VPF and Autopilots as well . we are just starting to get this sight fleshed out and will be adding videos a photos and more background on me , the team and the development of the techpod . for now here is some FPV done from my home made version of the techpod . early techpod FPV
      if you are interested in working with us , send me an email so we can chat more .

      1. Wayne is correct, we are just fleshing the site out, but we thought it was important to let people leave us questions and comments right away.

        Just updating this a bit for Wayne’s sake, there will be FPV video very soon, as well as additional information.

    1. HI Sergio,

      We are going to be adding a store here very soon. In fact I am going to be adding the components today, but also I am waiting on some important details to make it go live

  2. Hi Wayne,
    I’d like to talk with you about the Techpod in some commerical applications I’m working on. Please contact me. Clay

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