Techpod test flight 60 acres

this is some video of me flying the techpod over 60 acres park. Sorry it is so burry the camera was not in focus and I didn’t have time to adjust it. I was running out of daylight.
produstion sample first flight
It used about 0.75 amp hours of battery for about an 18 minute flight. The all up weight was 7 lbs. With 10,000 mah 6 cell lipo.

2 thoughts on “Techpod test flight 60 acres

  1. Nice work. With that kind of power consumption you should get to 3 hrs flight time.

    Was this using the 6s build in your other post with 12 inch prop, fox tech motor etc?

    Was it hard to hand launch at 7 lbs?

    1. It dipped a little after Nick threw it but pulled up just fine. It was a little nose heavy also. I can probably shave another .5 lbs off of the weight by shortening some of the wires and putting a lighter camera up front.

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