The techpods have landed!

So, I received the shipment of techpods. The family and a few friends helped me unload it.100MEDIA_IMAG0224
We were able to unload it in just 45 minutes we were extremely careful and did not drop one.
We just fit them all in my garage.

Techpods are in stock and I will begin shipping them soon. If you supported the kickstarter campaign you should be getting them in 1 to 2 weeks. if you order now, they with ship in 2 weeks.
Thanks for the support everyone.

6 thoughts on “The techpods have landed!

    1. It depends on how you want to fly it. If you want an inexpensive set up with plenty of raw power, a G10 from hobbyking and 3 cell lipo works well and is very inexpensive. If you want all out efficiency i like the foxtech 370kvm motor and a 6 cell lipo. just make sure the rest of the system can handle the high voltage.

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