Wing assembly

The main steps to building the wings (pictures coming soon)

  1. drill servo arms to fit push rods
  2. Fit and mount servos
  3. adjust servo arms for neutral point
  4. Fit spar cap
  5. Glue in spar cap
  6. attach spar capture tube
  7. install control linkages

drill servo arms to fit push rods

use a #50 or 5/64″ drill so the push rod will fit through

Fit and mount servos

fit servos
add extensions
run the wires and tack them down.

Fit spar cap

  1. notch spar cap to fit wires

Glue in spar cap

  1. coat spar with goo
  2. coat spar cap area with goo
  3. make sure to align end of spare with end of wing
  4. tape weight down spare cap, allow to cure
  5. finish edges with CA and kicker

attach spar capture tube

  1. Cut tube in half
  2. rough surfaces with sand paper
  3. mix JB weld and apply to spar
  4. slide on capture tube
  5. clean up excess
  6. allow to cure

install control linkages

attach control horns with CA and kicker

  1. assemble push rod and clevis
  2. adjust clevis so control surface is centered with servo at neutral point
  3. install push rods

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