My first blog


Hi there everybody,

I am Gabriel Garris head assembler of ready to fly techpods and son of Wayne Garris, creator of the techpod and founder of Hobby UAV. Im writing this today because i want to extend mt gratitude to all of our customers for help making this all possible and I would love to have some feedback from you guys and also feel free to ask me any questions as i will be here for customer service. I will also be keeping you guys updated on upcoming new products such as a composite upgrade kit and the all new Tech Wing. So yeah I’m extremely excited to be talking to you guys and cant wait to hear back. Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “My first blog

  1. There’s been some comments made over the fragility of the thin wings in various forum sites. Is it safe to attach the radio receiver and video transmitter to the ends of the two wings. I was considering purchasing the kit version but the wings were a concern. Do you have a method to strengthen the wing.

    1. Hey Stewart, I have been working on a improved wing joining method. it will be a solid center section. I have production and supply figured out. I should be done with the prototype in about 2 weeks.

      1. Thanks Wayne I’d heard you were working on a new design. I’ll keep a watch out or if possible let me know. Can the new wings be purchased separately and attached to the old frames?

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