Using DJI mini2 and PIX4D to generate orthomosaic image of a river bank

Last summer I decided it would be interesting to make an orthomosaic map of an interesting piece of the bank on the snohomish river. I used my mavic mini2 and set the camera to 90 deg down, adjusted the camera setting for the light conditions and set the camera to a 2 second intervalometer. I then slowly flew in a grid pattern after checking the airmap app to make sure I had clearance to fly in the area. After I was done with the grid pattern, I captured some oblique shots of the shoreline to help fill in that area given the bushes and other obstacles lining it.

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I scanned Ruckers tomb and created a 3d printable model

There is a local landmark where I live, Rucker’s tomb. It was built in 1907 to house the remains of the Rucker family. I thought it would be good practice and a perfect subject to create a 3D model using Agisoft metashape. I took 79 nadir and oblique photos of the tomb using a DJI mavic 2 pro. I also captured some pictures using my handheld sony camera. I used the photos from the handheld to capture some large scene pictures to help give metashape some context while aligning the photos in 3D space. I used a raw image format, set the camera to manual with autofocus, set the aperture to 5 to minimise field of view and adjusted to iso and shutter for nice clear images with minimal noise.

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The techstation

After years of flying UAVs in many different conditions. I have come to one conclusion. Laptops are no good for using as a ground station. #1 problem? sunglare.                 The techstation features a 10.1 inch display from Pixel Qi.  What makes it so special is that it changes from […]


The techwings small size and rugged swept flying  wing design naturally lead to some design challenges. Good low speed handling can be very difficult to achieve. this has a lot to do with the low aspect ratio and swept wing, leading to a large wing tip vortex as pictured here Another problem that flying wings […]


Hey guys, I wanted to share my thoughts about the open source FEA/CFD package, openFoam. I have been using it as part of the free linux distribution, CAElinux 2013. I have been playing around with some of the tutorials for the past few weeks. Very interesting and cool.   After familiarizing myself with the file […]