The techstation

After years of flying UAVs in many different conditions. I have come to one conclusion. Laptops are no good for using as a ground station. #1 problem? sunglare.

even in non direct sunlight, most laptops are hard to see.
problem solves with a screen from Pixel Qi









The techstation features a 10.1 inch display from Pixel Qi.  What makes it so special is that it changes from a bright, normal LCD display to a reflective, E-paper like grayscale display, like above, that actually becomes more visible with ambient light. I Combined the screen with a Gigabyte GA-E350n  motherboard. for on ly ~$75 you get a motherboard and embedded AMD E-350D APU with Radeon HD 6310 graphics.  Together with 8 GB ram and a 120 GB SSD, There is plenty of power to run mission planner and a USB video frame grabber. All while only drawing about 2.5 amps@ 12v.

















It has more than enough power to run mission planner and record video through a USB capture device











The power supply is The M-4ATX from mini-box . It accepts  power from any unregulated 30-6 V dc source. It also provides reverse current and over voltage protection.








Screen and driver from Adafruit

For a complete screen solution I used the screen and LVDS driver combo from Adafruit. The driver board gets power from the 12v accessory line coming from the M-4ATX so it is protected as well.
You can access different inputs to the screen here. It even has a direct RCA jack for video display.









You can even tell your significant other it is a new media center for the family. It streams 1080p movies!









running minecraft @ 20FPS and ~2.5 amps 12v

If that fails just say ” I got it for the kids “.

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