Hi Resolution Mapping and Privacy Concerns

Anyone in the UAS industry, including simple DIY guys and even the hobby groups have recently been seeing several news paper articles speaking of the invasion of “Big Brother” via “Drones”. Those of us in the industry sometimes laugh at the fears civilians have, but as we know sometimes they are well founded. I am the type of guy that supports Law Enforcement, especially when I know I am not breaking Laws. Having been a Sheriff Deputy I also have used the line, ” If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear.” Regardless it does sometimes make sense to at least question a few things before we accept them as NORM.

One of the recent Posts mentioned how several groups of people competed for the simple task of loitering to stare. This scenario was a simple task, at least it was thought to be until they actually tried it! If you develop the systems and airframes you know that although it seems an easy function, it often is not. Just because Uncle Sam can afford to have the UAS overhead doesn’t mean they have ironed out the details of how to really use them well. There is still a ways to go before we truly need to fear Big Brother watching us with UAS. The bigger fear should be how advanced your cell phone is and how linked your life is via internet. Nothing is private nowadays. If you think you are anonymous, you are mistaken!


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