Using UAS for monitoring Reparian projects

Awhile back I conducted some research and at the time 70% of the most likely uses for UAS were for earth monitoring. That being said, most of the calls my company has received from several companies through out the world have been for just that!

And as the industry has progressed and my abilities have as well, I personally wrestle with what uses are, or at least should be, accepted and ethical uses for UAS.

Is it safe to say that if we can reduce the Loss of Life during Military missions by using UAV that we will likely want to, or be willing to engage in more fighting? Would we be best suited to stick to uses like crop monitoring or monitoring things like Global Warming? When I first began my UAS venture I didn’t think of all of that. Now I do, and I want to be a responsible representative of the industry… Think about the long term and the end results of what you design and use before you do it!

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