Techwing low and slow

I wanted to share some test flight video.

It was equipped with a 5000 mah 3 cell lipo. a 1100 kv 350 watt motor spinning a 9*7 prop. I did a 20 minute flight and burned 1007 ma.

As you can see from the video it is extremely stable while flying slow, even with a fairly large battery on board. I could have easily flown for an hour and a half with that battery.

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Fuselage assembly

The Main steps to assembling the fuselage assemble spar box and rear bulkhead attach motor mount add fiberglass mount motor route motor wire Insert and align boom/tail assembly custom fit your gear at this point Fit and glue fuselage halves together assemble spar boxand rear bulkhead 1. measure 1/2 inch inboard from the end of spar […]