Magnetic encoder and brushless gimbal controller

For the techpod 2.0, I want to have a high precision camera gimbal capable of continuous rotation in two axis. I have always likes the brushless gimbals that are so popular today. The control and drive systems are very nice but are not setup for continuous 360 degree rotation. furthermore the IMU algorithm is very CPU intensive and prone to needing the gyros calibrated frequently etc.

I decided to replace the IMU with a AS5048B  rotary magnetic  encoder for position feedback.  The  AS5048B outputs the 14 bit absolute position of a magnet rotated near the IC. After you include noise, it is good for about 0.06 degrees of accuracy.  Here is a short video of it going from 90.5 degrees to -90.5 degrees every 10 seconds.

Here is a quick hack of the brushless gimbal software.


One thought on “Magnetic encoder and brushless gimbal controller

  1. hi!
    seems very nice, just a question, where did you place the IC, inside the motor?? and did you design a breaking board for the IC?? care to share some photos about that??

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