38 thoughts on “techpod 2.0

  1. If a fuselage upgrade, it’s nice.
    I would like to see stronger wings
    maybe a hollow fiberglass version, I dont mind a bit more weight
    just glide faster.
    Just tough

  2. When will be released? It will be possible to reach a 4 hour flight with a good motorization 6S?

  3. Does the whole front section roll like the Pteryx? Or is the roll stabilization achieved by a gimbal behind the dome? In other words if a compact P and S camera (Canon S100) can’t be installed within the behind the dome, could the dome be removed and the camera mounted in its place to achieve a roll stabilized downward facing camera?

    1. I’d love to know as well. We use Canon Powershot 230hs’s (visible and IR) on our X8 and MR’s, but looking for more range. Even simple roll stabilization would be great!

      1. No the nose will not rotate. For vertical photography, a small camera like a s100 can be mounted in the belly. the techpod 1.0 is more suited to the roll of ortho-maping etc. Techpod 2.0 is more geared for search and rescue type missions. The gimble in the nose will hold a sony block camera like the FCB-EH6300. This will allow a operator to scan and zoom a large area around the techpod as it flies.

      1. Did you see my message above asking if the whole front section rolls (so a larger camera could be attached instead of the dome)?

    1. I have secured a CNC machine to cut the aluminum mold. I an squiring the equipment needed so I can produce full composite airframes. I thing the techpod 2.0 deserves wings like these.
      composit wings hope to have everything in a week and vacuum bagging wings on two.

    1. Thanks Hans. In order to assure the 2.0 model gets finished. I gave my 2 weeks notice at my regular job. This will give me the time i need to get it to market.

  4. When is the version 2.0 supposed to be release? I am going to be in USA on March 24 to 28 and would like to buy one. Any hope during this period?

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