tech2 tech2_1 tech2_3 tech2_2Hey everyone!

I wanted to share some conceptual drawings of the next gen techpod. It will include a fully functional pan/tilt/zoom camera mounted on a stabilized gimbal with 360 degree continues rotation on two axis.

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  1. DAN IVAN says:


  2. Michel Cote says:

    If a fuselage upgrade, it’s nice.
    I would like to see stronger wings
    maybe a hollow fiberglass version, I dont mind a bit more weight
    just glide faster.
    Just tough

  3. Elvis says:

    What are the specs for the camera you are including on the PTZ mount?

  4. Giuseppe says:

    When will be released? It will be possible to reach a 4 hour flight with a good motorization 6S?

  5. Todd says:

    What is the size (dimensions and weight) capable of the belly bay?

  6. Tim says:

    Does the whole front section roll like the Pteryx? Or is the roll stabilization achieved by a gimbal behind the dome? In other words if a compact P and S camera (Canon S100) can’t be installed within the behind the dome, could the dome be removed and the camera mounted in its place to achieve a roll stabilized downward facing camera?

    • ssbell says:

      I’d love to know as well. We use Canon Powershot 230hs’s (visible and IR) on our X8 and MR’s, but looking for more range. Even simple roll stabilization would be great!

      • crystaluav says:

        No the nose will not rotate. For vertical photography, a small camera like a s100 can be mounted in the belly. the techpod 1.0 is more suited to the roll of ortho-maping etc. Techpod 2.0 is more geared for search and rescue type missions. The gimble in the nose will hold a sony block camera like the FCB-EH6300. This will allow a operator to scan and zoom a large area around the techpod as it flies.

  7. Alberto says:

    news for the day of release !!

  8. Anthony Pye says:

    What type of foam? I’ve read great things about EPO foam being very durable.

  9. Alex Sfakianos says:

    The store link is dead? Can I still buy a Techpod?

  10. […] the techpod 2.0, I want to have a high precision camera gimbal capable of continuous rotation in two axis. I have […]

  11. austin laws says:

    any news on release date for the techpod 2.0 wayne???

  12. Albert says:

    Will we be able to buy a kit to upgrade our Techpods to version 2 ?

  13. IvanMichaels says:


    • crystaluav says:

      I have secured a CNC machine to cut the aluminum mold. I an squiring the equipment needed so I can produce full composite airframes. I thing the techpod 2.0 deserves wings like these.
      composit wings hope to have everything in a week and vacuum bagging wings on two.

  14. lenar says:

    Hi!Great job!When can we buy Techpod 2.0?

  15. Javier says:

    what about a fixed landing gear? something simple, like for hobbyking uav-3000.



  16. Hans says:

    Happy New Year!
    Hope things are going well, can’t wait to get my hand on a CF Techpod II.

  17. Gabriel says:

    When is the version 2.0 supposed to be release? I am going to be in USA on March 24 to 28 and would like to buy one. Any hope during this period?

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