Using DJI mini2 and PIX4D to generate orthomosaic image of a river bank

Last summer I decided it would be interesting to make an orthomosaic map of an interesting piece of the bank on the snohomish river. I used my mavic mini2 and set the camera to 90 deg down, adjusted the camera setting for the light conditions and set the camera to a 2 second intervalometer. I then slowly flew in a grid pattern after checking the airmap app to make sure I had clearance to fly in the area. After I was done with the grid pattern, I captured some oblique shots of the shoreline to help fill in that area given the bushes and other obstacles lining it.

I loaded the resulting pictures into PIX4D and this was the camera points it generated. I went through the first two processing steps and edited the dense point cloud. After that was done, I generated an orthomosaic and DSM. I did some editing of the mosaic in Pix4D and exported a .tif file. I opened the file with photoshop and trimmed the edges to clean it up a bit and saved the results. You can download the original tif file below.

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