Camera bay doors

Hey everyone, I have been working on a system for working bay doors for the camera bay located in the belly of the techpod. This is what I came up with. I 3D printed It with a replicator dual by makerbot using black and white ABS plastic. The actuator is a retract servo so it […]

Magnetic encoder and brushless gimbal controller

For the techpod 2.0, I want to have a high precision camera gimbal capable of continuous rotation in two axis. I have always likes the brushless gimbals that are so popular today. The control and drive systems are very nice but are not setup for continuous 360 degree rotation. furthermore the IMU algorithm is very […]

170 minute techpod flight with APM 2.5

So I did a test flight yesterday, here is the result. here are the Tlogs. 170 minute flight time, 76.5 miles over the ground. this is the equipment list: Techpod Kit Foxtech 370kv motor APC 12*8 prop Castle ice2HV 40 ESC 2x Zippycompact 6s 5000 mah lipo APM 2.5 6x Hitech 65-hb servos

Variable pitch Techpod

Hey everyone, Here is something cool that I have been working on that I think you may enjoy. So, I had been pondering how to make an inexpensive variable prop. I was thinking about using a heli head from a hk450 or perhaps a tail rotor. I eventually saw a post on where a […]

Fuselage assembly

The Main steps to assembling the fuselage assemble spar box and rear bulkhead attach motor mount add fiberglass mount motor route motor wire Insert and align boom/tail assembly custom fit your gear at this point Fit and glue fuselage halves together assemble spar boxand rear bulkhead 1. measure 1/2 inch inboard from the end of spar […]